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Nika Rennault - The Xray Sexperience

Nika Rennault - The Xray Sexperience


Carlie's Erotic Hypnosis Curtain Call


  • Artist: Y Kismet
  • Music Genre: Video - Erotic

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Here's a special deal from Hypnofantasy and Mesmerix! If you would like to get BOTH videos featuring Carlie, "Going Deeper" & the new "Hypnotic Surprise" they are both available in bundle for only $39.95 That's a $10.00 dollar savings over the price of each video if purchased separately.
Don't worry, if you have already purchased, "Hypnotic Surprise" you can receive the same $10.00 dollar discount on "Going Deeper" just contact Bob at hypnofantasy@yahoo.com and you'll special link to the "Going Deeper".
We can't say how long we can offer this special package, so act fast if you'd like to see this gorgeous lady in her two videos. Together it's over 45 minutes of hypnotic guided masturbation and fun.

Going Deeper (24:00)
How deep would you like to go? Carlie, already knows the answer to that question, because she's been there and back. 
This is the story of how she was introduced, to the powers of hypnosis, by her college roommate, Tabitha. It began innocently enough in Carlie's freshman year. One night, as Carlie lay awake feverishly studying for a biology exam,Tabitha approached her with the offer of a relaxing massage. A massage which rapidly turned hypnotic. Before Carlie even knew what was happening, Tabitha had her mind floating into a deep and dreamy trance.

As Carlie tells the story, you'll begin to feel exactly the same sensations she experienced, and before long, you'll find Carlie's heavenly eyes, are draining your mind of every last ounce of will-power.  The induction is intense, dominant and powerful. It will create in you, deep feelings of submission, worship and closeness.

Once you are under, she will control your mind AND your hands. What happens next, is strictly under her command. Your hypnotized mind will follow her lead and the two of you will come together.

This guided masturbation experience is almost 24 minutes long and will leave you breathless, happy and satisfied.


The Hypnotic Surprise (22:45)
We all remember Carlie, from "Going Deeper" and I know many of you have wanted to see more of her. What you might not know, is that we shot a second project with her at the same time. The trouble was there was some significant damage to the sound track and we didn't feel it was usable. Since that time we've acquired some better software and have been able to recover all the usable parts of the soundtrack!

Carlie, has since decided to take her career in a different direction, so this is the last little bit of her we have to offer, and I am so glad that her fans will now be able to enjoy this lost little gem.
The story line is simple, you are away from your girlfriend, Elizabeth (played by Carlie) and she regularly shoots and sends you videos on her webcam. In this particular video, she reveals that she has a talent that you never knew she had. It's a guided masturbation fantasy and features a topless Carlie becoming your Mistress, and taking through your hypnotic fantasy.
Her style is both playful and strong, alternately sweet yet commanding. If you enjoyed Carlie in, "Going Deeper", you'll be glad to spend some more time in her mesmerizing company. The video is 22:45 minutes long and is available in .h264 MP4 format.

You can watch a brief preview here. Click Here

Please Note:  Elements of this induction have appeared in a previously released video.

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