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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Ava's Masturbation Bliss (29:52)


  • Artist: 8 Ava Longhard

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As your meme of fetish hypnosis I am here to hypnotize you to love masturbation. I love masturbation.  I love it for me and also what masturbation does to you.. I adore the idea of sharing my passion for fetish masturbation with you.  Just the thought that you will start to grow hungry and needy for my hypnotic voice is a real turn on to me!  The idea that your cock grows ROCK HARD NOW.. is just a sexy bonus.

So for this intense masturbation session I am going to guide, coach, teach and lead you down a path to masturbation bliss.  Where you will have no choice but to listen often until you are totally enthralled with your need for self love.

So please cum join me on this erotic hypnosis adventure where your intense masturbation pleasure will be doubled, tripled and intensified.

Buy any two Ava Longhard sessions today and get her PERFECT PANTY EXPERIENCE for free.  In order to qualify you must have two Ava LongHard sessions in your cart plus this one (Click Link Below)  which will become free.  Please Note: Do not use the Perfect Panty Experience you see on the site as that one will not qualify to be free!


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Customer Reviews:

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By: B G on 08/20/2017
I purchased this file of Ava's with her masturbation pleasure gift pack I really like it. It brought me down into a really deep trance and totally opened me up to letting go of all my inhibitions to masturbating. I really enjoy it so now I automatically do it without even thinking. Sometimes I find myself absentmindedly masturbating when I am alone lying down or sitting listening to music or sometimes after coming out of the trance and I experience the most incredible orgasm with such a feeling of pure ecstasy I highly recommend it.


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