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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Sleep Giftset


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This giftset includes a bonus coupon to take 30% off your next three orders.  Coupon expires December 31, 2013.

The Sleep Bundle includes the following tracks:

Bedtime For Boy (25:11)
Try this nice relaxing way to put yourself to sleep!!

Erotic Dreams Sleep (30:41)
Many of us would love to have very graphic, vivid erotic dreams where we can experience our sexual desires in a safe, secret setting, but we can't make that happen often enough for our liking. Also, many of us share the frustration of not recalling details of our erotic dreams - the seductive words, the sexy images and sounds, all becoming lost in a misty fog upon awakening from sleep. This session will help you in both of these areas as your mind learns to treat you to sexy erotic dreams on a regular basis, and to have improved recall when you wake. The content of the dreams is up to your subconscious mind, because only you know what you find to be erotic and exciting. Consider experiencing this session in combination with “3D vision” because you will find that they complement each other very nicely.  This session will benefit both women and men who want to experience and recall erotic dreams. It is not D/s related, although D/s can certainly be incorporated into your dreams. This version contains a suggestion to drift off into sleep after listening.

Power Nap (23:15)
This is a more generic power nap session.  The script is classic and not meant to be erotic except for the fact that my voice makes you hard ;). A great lunchtime session for those days where you need an extra boost of energy.

Submit to Deep Sleep (58:40)
What more can I say than the title already says... Listen to this session an drift off into an erotic restful SLEEP.

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Customer Reviews:

5 of 5 Stars
By: T K on 04/13/2017
TLDR: This bundle is both enjoyable and useful, whether or not you have used any of Nikki’s other recordings. Great way to get some sexy and some useful (Or both? Yes.) tracks added to your library. Bedtime For Boy: I liked this one a great deal. I would say it has the most to do with Nikki’s other work, though I did not find knowledge of them necessary in order to enjoy it. If I didn’t enjoy the scope of Submit (see upcoming paragraph) so much, this would be my favorite. Erotic Dreams: It is worth noting that the background noise (which I assume to be an intentional feature) may grate on a person with sensitive ears. That said, this is some sexy stuff. I find it less useful in a practical sense than some of the other tracks in this gift set, but in terms of fantasy material? That’s a different matter. Power Nap: This and Submit are my two most-used tracks. Though I haven’t taken Nikki up on her offer to look up the comparison between hypnotically-induced rest and natur


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