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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Feel the Heat Video


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For those who enjoy my BECAUSE series and the SPIRAL you will find this video easy to watch ;)    In this video I will share with you the concept of "MY Playground" and what it means to ME and to YOU.    Should, after that introduction, you choose to join me I will take you through a special door where I will play with you as I desire.  Arousal is built and then as easy as it began......... it......... well, you will have to watch to find out ;)  There is a FREE DEMO for those of you who want a peek before you join me.



I mean, I'm of those aural representational set people... one of those people who's most hypnotized by just following a hypnotist's voice with all her lovely, slow, sleepy inflections, as opposed to visualizing images or imagining tactile sensations.

But I now see that even a perfectly inflected voice like Nikki's becomes a hell of a lot more powerful when its accompanied by:

1) gorgeous cleavage that's framed by black lace and adorned with a big crystal

2) a long candle being lovingly stroked by burgundy-colored nails and blown upon by breathtakingly beautiful lips

... and quite conveniently Nikki has these too!

And I do mean a hell of a lot more powerful.  By the final third of the video, I was staring completely slackjawed and drooling all over myself. 

So how's this for an endorsement?!

If you want to have your mind lovingly made into to mush, so much so that you're rendered a slackjawed idiot drooling all over himself... then WATCH THIS VIDEO!    10/10

This video is so wonderful that words barely suffice in describing it.  You need to see it.

If you appreciate, enjoy, need, crave or love Nikki's audio sessions, you will not believe how much more you will love this video.  It is luscious.  And powerful.  And so very evocative.

It also felt real.  As I watch some other videos, everything seems so carefully rehearsed, so robotic, so choreographed, that it constantly sends a message into my mind along the lines of "oh, please".  I felt Nikki's performance was real.  Human.  Sensuous.  And believable.  Several times I remember a voice inside saying, "oh, my, look at the way she is doing that" or "yes, that's soooo nice".  Nikki struck a perfect balance and steadily drove my trance deeper, with nothing at all contrived about it.

And her voice matched her gestures, the accessories she used, and the lighting: all so very seductive.  Enticing.  Irresistible. 

I loved it.  Loved the way Nikki took my mind, and held it, and directed it this way and that.  And I remember feeling pleasantly surprised at the way she ended the trance, the feelings and suggestions she left me with; they worked beautifully. 


Customer Reviews:

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5 of 5 Stars
By: D S on 02/25/2017
Woooow....just woow. It s just a wonderful experience. Even if you are not hypnotized by it...you will feel getting hotter and hotter. Never has a candle light been more sexy. Niki knows how to seduce. Unforgettable!!

5 of 5 Stars
By: m k on 05/20/2013
I am a sucker for jewelry, gorgeous fingers and nails and focusing on a lit candle. Her voice is sublime and the setting is so entrancing. I have yet to fully enter a trance but this video is by far one of my favorites! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful trance, fantastic voice, and skillfull mind manipulation. Really lived it.

5 of 5 Stars
By: P C on 02/06/2012
Very innovative. It's the only time I've had a wick on my dick :-} Beautifully done.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)

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