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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Arousal Therapy


  • Artist: Y Kismet
  • Music Genre: Video - Erotic

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 PLEASE NOTE: While this is an erotic fantasy and is sure to arouse you there is NO NUDITY in this video.
Meet Ava, our newest hypnotist, a loveable combination of brains and beauty that, we think, you will flip for.
Here, she plays a sexy therapist, who specializes in relaxation. Her methods, she tells you, "... are not orthodox, but they are very, very effective. It seems she knows a thing or two about how to "relax" a man.
She is playful and teasing and very much in control, you can tell, she loves her work. She is a sensual domme in every way. Her voice is deep and dreamy, yet it retains that hint of youthful sexiness. It's a voice you can easily get lost in.
For fans of a variety of hypnotic techniques, she has a full bag of tricks. She begins with her soft brown eyes, and then moves to intensify your experience with a hypno-spiral. Finally, by using her sensual hand movements and your mindless repetition, she cements her ownership of your mind.
From there, she turns your wrists into magnets and you will find your hands inexplicably locked to your sides while she begins a sensual, mesmeric dance. She encourages you to give in to your pleasure and enjoy the moment. Fans of hypnotic hands and swaying hips should really enjoy this!
After a suitable amount of teasing and taunting, she will release your hands so that you can do, what you will be aching to do. And in that release, you will find the relaxation she promised.
"Arousal Therapy", is a sensual domination and erotic masturbation fantasy. It runs 32 minutes and is available now for $42.95

Customer Reviews:

5 of 5 Stars
By: R S on 11/29/2016
This session had a nice, long hypnotic induction followed by a deep trance that got me excited and relaxed at the very same time. It felt like Ava's voice and her beautiful looks literally radiated through my mind and body, and as she began swaying her hips, I couldn't help but feel my arousal grow to unexpected heights. It's true: Sometimes less is more!


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