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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Jeslen's Legs and Roxy Reprogrammed (Double Feature)


  • Artist: Y Kismet
  • Music Genre: Video - Erotic

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A KismetVideo Double Feature!

The first part of our Double Feature is called, "Jeslen's Legs" and as the name implies it has a leg-focus induction. In this video you'll be hypnotized as you watch Jeslen slowly caress her own legs while inviting you to follow and worship her with your eyes. Jeslen has a very soft and sensual voice and I am pleased to say the soundtrack here is really nice. There are times when it almost feels like she is whispering in your ear. "Jeslen's Legs" is 24 minutes long.

You can download a free preview here:

http://www.box.net/shared/su9jtjzzra Jeslen's Legs

As a bonus feature, we are including our first true girl-on-girl video, called "Roxy Reprogrammed". In this video, Kelli hypnotizes Roxy and works her will upon her. The pictures tell it a bit better. If you like foot worship you might really enjoy this one. "Rozy" is 21 minutes long.

The preview is here:

http://www.box.net/shared/5ovrge6ygr Roxy Reprogrammed

If you would like to see some stills from these features you can by clicking the link below.


Best of all, for a limited time, if you buy "Jeslen's Leg's", for $24.95 we'll throw-in "Roxy Reprogrammed" for free! That's over 45 minutes of video!

I wanted to do that for two reasons. First, since "Roxy" is neither a one-on-one, nor a full story, I wasn't sure it would completely stand on it's own. (It's more like watching as two girls have fun with hypnosis and each other.) Second, since these video's go a bit further than we have ever gone before in terms of content, I wanted to make the price affordable so people could let us know if they like this direction or not.

These videos are available exclusively here at www.hypnofantasydownloads.com


Customer Reviews:

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5 of 5 Stars
By: M W on 06/05/2017
I usually don't watch hypnosis videos where i'm not the subject, so i didn't even watch the Roxy vid so far. But Jeslen is a real stunner. Her legs, voice and eyes are quite mesmerizing and i had a fun time going under for her. Definitely a recommendation from me

5 of 5 Stars
By: M M on 02/23/2017
Well both videos are very different. Jeslen's legs are a one on one hypno session in which Jeslen hypnotizes you with her legs. I found this video enjoyable to watch but just got into a mind trance state. Plus it was pretty fun staring at a beautiful woman's leg. Roxy is a third person video where one woman hypnotizes another. Although not really a hypnosis story and more of a entertainment video, It's pretty exciting to watch a woman enjoy another woman who is under her control. A definite worthy investment.

4 of 5 Stars
By: M R on 06/03/2012
I enjoyed Jeslens legs a lot however i was really suprised by how much i enjoyed Roxy Reprogrammed. I'm not normally a fany of 3rd person hypnosis but this really did it for me and i think that was entirely down the the smirks and evil enjoyment that was written all over Kelli's face as she puts roxy under. A bratty girl who know knows she has all the power. I highly recommend this and would love to see more of her as she clearly knows how to command an audience and loves the power she has.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)

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