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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Kara's Web


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  • Artist: Y Kismet
  • Music Genre: Video - Erotic

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"Kara's Web", is the first project for KismetVideo's newest site, Mesmerix.com. These projects will be available exclusively at Hypnofantasy.com because the themes and content of these new videos will be more adult.

In "Kara's Web" you will watch as Kara, breaks the will of a former soldier, who doesn't believe in hypnosis. She uses her eyes, a pendant, and even her foot. She is most definatley one of the most dominant and
confident ladies you will ever see. It's exciting to watch as she slowly breaks him and drives him to his knees. You can check out the preview at: www.youtube.com/kismetvideo

Mistress Kara, you say? Is this the same Mistress Kara, that has recently been posted about? Yes, it is. In fact this project was shot last October and I wanted to release this now, in part, to capitalize on the recent interest in Mistress Kara. I do feel that my free teaser video helped to build this interest, and I would like to capitalize on
that. Certainly for those of you who want another Kara fix, this should do the trick! As for Mersmerix.com, it should be fully up and running in just a few more weeks.

Doug, and Kara, have recently joined forces to create their own video site and I do wish them the best in this endeavor, my understanding is that Kara, will be exclusive to this new site, so this is the only project I will ever have with her. If you like Kara, you will love this project, but be aware that future project featuring her, will only be
availabe through them.  A small disclaimer here, Neither KismetVideo.com, nor Mesmerix.com, has any affiliation with hyperbolicmodels and these projects are entirely separate.

"Kara's Web", Contains Adult themes and Sensual Domination, No nudity.


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