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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Lucid Dreaming (26:31)


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Enter your dreams and take control with this Lucid Dreaming hypnosis session.

Take control of your dreams.

Learning to gain awareness while you are asleep and enter your dream world is something very young children are often able to do, however it is an ability that we generally lose as we get older.

However you can relearn this ability and make your dreams your reality with hypnosis.

Having mastered the art of Lucid Dreaming you will find that it becomes easier and far more effective each and every time you practice it.

The suggestions and visualizations included in the hypnosis session download will enable anyone who is truly interested in this subject (and willing to apply the guidelines included in this audio) to perfect their ability to experience lucid dreams.

Imagine this

Many inspirational ideas arise through dream activity. If you are aware enough during sleep to recognize that your dream material consists of something totally unique then lucid dreaming can aid you by manipulating your dream so that you can see the successful outcome.

On awakening and recalling your dream you will know exactly which avenue to take your dream down.

Customer Reviews:

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By: t b on 11/27/2016
This is a great session to listen to over and over. It indeed made me feel like I was in a dream and conscious at the same time. I will continue my pursuit to the ultimate lucid dream.


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