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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Getting Started

Welcome to the wonderful world of erotic hypnosis.

Hi, my name is Bob Brown and I am the owner of Hypnofantasy.  I am glad to have you here!

Over the years several members have asked, what do I need to do to be successful with erotic hypnosis?

So, let me explain.

1) Set up your perfect erotic hypnosis environment. 

You should only hypnotize yourself in a safe and comfortable place.  For many, that is their bedroom.  Since most people enjoy listening to erotic hypnosis when they are naked you may want to have a light sheet or blanket in case you feel a chill. While in hypnosis it is very common that your body temperature will fall.  

Buy yourself good stereo headphones.  They don't cost that much and they will greatly improve your hypnotic trance experience.

2) Be prepared to let yourself go 

Here is a basic hypnotic principle, the more you think the less hypnosis will work.  So, give yourself a break and just let your mind freely wander wherever it chooses. If you keep asking yourself is it working?  I can tell you, it won't.  Some people experience success the first time they try erotic hypnosis and others need to train themselves before they see great results. With erotic hypnosis all you need is an open mind, a little commitment and an ability to let yourself freely go where your mind wants to go.  Quite simply, when you are asked to lie back, relax and breath deep. Do it!  The more you analyze and think about things, the more difficult it will become for you to be hypnotized..

3)Pick erotic hypnosis scripts that excite and interest you.

We have well over 200 sessions on the site and more are added each month.  Read the descriptions and decide which are the ones best suited for you. 


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