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The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Ladies Ultimate Pleasure


  • Artist: Z Other
  • Music Genre: Ladies - General Erotic

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This Giftset includes:

Bi-Wonder (17:46)
Have you ever wondered about your sexual orientation?  Are you bi, gay or straight?  In this mildly erotic hypnosis session Ginger Matthews takes you through a series of three simple subconcious tests that will help you determine exactly which sex turns you on.  The simplicity of this session is the beauty of it.  Just sit back, relax and be prepared to experience a fun and interesting way to determine your sexual pleasure.  In the end Ginger will remind you and allow you to feel comfortable in whatever pleasure you choose.

Bisexual Adventure (56:08)
Imagine for me now, a dream where you are drawn to a cabin in the woods, and as you enter you are intoxicated by a sexual musky scent and mesmerized by soft erotic music with a hypnotic beat.

Feel how the sensual combination heightens your arousal and your inhibitions completely melt away as your eyes adjust to the candle light. Now you can see the vision of two beautiful, seductive women in a sensual embrace with their hands exploring each other’s bodies. It is clear that these women are experienced in the erotic pleasures that only female lovers can provide for you, and they are so happy that you have come to visit. They welcome you into their world where you are eagerly seduced as they introduce you to the pleasures reserved for bisexual lovers.

This session helps to generate accept ace of the natural desires for women to have female lovers, and will create a strong desire to develop healthy bisexual relationships. (Intended for women who wish to explore their bisexual desires - very graphic- men may also find this entertaining from a voyeuristic standpoint)

Cocklover - Nikki Fatale (23:24)
If you ever wanted to feel the need to adore cocks then this session is for you.  You may find yourself looking at them, craving them and feeling them deep inside you. This session is Nikki's version of Bob's CockLover session.

Cocklover - Bob Brown (26:08)
If you ever wanted to feel the need to adore cocks then this session is for you.  You may find yourself looking at them, craving them and feeling them deep inside you.

Euphoria (29:15)
Ever wanted to try a pleasure drug where you feel warm, erotic and tingle all over? Well that is exactly what Euphoria is designed to do. Take a journey through the many doorways of pleasure until you find the Euphoria buried deep inside of you.  Session written by Bob Brown

Fantasy (35:50)
Have you ever wanted to live out a fantasy?  Do you even know what your fantasy is?  This session will hypnotize you and help you explore what they are and take action towards making them become your reality.

Guilty Pleasure (28:11)
Did you ever have a guilty thought? A secret fantasy that sits in the back of your mind and provides you with some intimate pleasure. Well this session is going to encourage to enjoy those thoughts and give you the freedom to enjoy them in your mind. It's a perfect enhancer to your already playful mind. This session does not encourage you to live out those fantasies but it does encourage you to have them and enjoy them.  After listening to this session a few times you will be enjoying your guilty pleasure everywhere you go. Prepared to be hornier and get more excited when you talk about your intimate thoughts,

Horniness Curse (17:43)
Take a walk on the wild side with this erotic teaser. Allow the horniness build deep inside your mind body spirit, teasing and taunting you until bingo… presto… you must find sexual release. It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter with whom you just need to release all of the pent up pleasure that has been built deep inside.  

Hypnotoy (22:46)
This is an erotic hypnosis session Bob wrote for his wife that achieves really neat results.  This session is perfect for ladies (and maybe men) who enjoy playing with their toy.  After listening to this session a few time you will find you drift easily into hypnotic trance the moment you start playing with your toy.  Once in trance your imagination will be enhanced and your thoughts and fantasies will become more real and life-like. If you have a play partner then the suggestions they give you will become more enticing and exciting for you to fulfill.  Have fun and by all means please let us know what you think!!

Trance Pleasures (42:52)
Nikki created this session especially for the ladies to allow them to discover hypnotic trance and the wonderful feelings they may experience when they discover loss of control.  A wonderful way to get your feet wet! 

Ultimate Orgasm (50:46)
The ultimate orgasm, a thought held by both men and women to be able to experience the rippling effect of waves of pleasure cascading down from the top of one’s head to the tip of their toes. A very sexual and sensual voice talking to you through stereo headphones, relaxing your mind and body, then letting the thoughts and ideas guide your physical self into that sexual bliss. Listening to Nikki’s guidance to bring pleasure like a waterfall flowing through every nerve and fiber of your existence. Using your own experience or fantasy to fall deeper and deeper into that floating existence of erotic trance, to forget about the weight of your arms, legs and torso only to be immersed into an orgasmic treasure. If erotic hypnotism has a place in today’s hustle and bustle world this file is the relaxing, pleasing listen to take about fifty minutes set aside away from distractions, interruptions and give yourself the present of Nikki’s ultimate orgasm.


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