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The Best Stories Are Yet to Come!

The Best Stories Are Yet to Come!

The Good Habit Sexperience

The Good Habit Sexperience


Breast Lover Giftset


  • Artist: Z Other
  • Music Genre: Men - General Erotic

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This is a great introduction erotic hypnosis session.  After listening to this session a few times you will notice your desire and need to see breasts will increase exponentially.  You will get great pleasure from imagining breasts and pretending you have xray vision as woman walk by you.  The more breasts you see the more aroused you will get.  This is a great little session that really works to make you a BREASTLOVER.

In order to enjoy this erotic hypnosis session all you need to do is find a quiet place and sit back, put your head set on, relax and let Paula's words sink deep into your mind.  While this erotic hypnosis session might not seem like much in the beginning you may be very surprised with the results and the breast loving effects that will continue to grow.  To the session a few times over a week for best results.

This Breast Lover Giftset includes the following tracks:

BreastLover (Paula) (25:18)
Train yourself to love and crave the sight of woman's breast with this powerful BREAST LOVER training session.

This CD also includes the following HYPNOTITS Breast Lover training videos:

Betties's Rubble
Dr. Doll
Seeing Things
Titty Training
Unlike Flint
Vixen Titzen
You Gone Wild
You Want to Obey
Such a Pinch
Isn't tit easy
Morg Proj 2b
Pyschedelic Nurse
Shadow Reveal 2
Titty Training 1
Titty Vision
Tt2 Teaser

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